"Combining the intrusiveness of a phone call with the hassle of writing e-mail"

April 24, 2000 - Update

Yeah, yeah, I know. Anyway, I've begun transferring the site to sourceforge.net; I hope it will help foster new development. I will probably be doing very little coding on the project myself, for the very same reasons I haven't put out a new release in over a year. If you're interested in working on gicq, let me know.

What I'd personally like to see gicq become is a bonobo component for the upcoming Evolution groupware package that Miguel and the other coding gods are working on; I doubt I'll ever have the time to try that, but maybe someone out there wants to tackle it :)

March 8, 1999 - gicq 0.33 Released

This is mainly a maintenance release for gtk 1.2/gnome 1.0. It fixes one minor bug with changing status.

Note: this will be the final release that will compile without Gnome. Future versions will feature full Gnome integration, chat, and file transfer.

gicq is an ICQ-compatible instant messaging client for Unix systems. It is based on the GTK toolkit, which is also used by the Gimp and the GNOME project.

At the present time, the feature list is rather short. However, the most important stuff works - you can log on with an existing ICQ account, search for other users and add them to your contact list, and most importantly, send and receive messages.

Remember, it's still very alpha software, so it won't work for everybody right now. If you're using it, that makes you an alpha tester, so if you find a bug, send me a patch or a very detailed description of the problem.

gicq uses libicq, which actually does most of the work. libicq is based on micq, a text-based ICQ client written by Matt Smith.



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